Wink Ink Design Co. is an Edmonton based, 
one-person creative studio, run by me, Amelia.

The company came to fruition after years of obsessively writing every note, grocery list and birthday card in meticulous cursive. The next logical step was to make a business out of it! My designs draw inspiration from nature, minimalism, and modernizing the somewhat forgotten art of traditional calligraphy. Through Wink Ink, I strive to bring a little beauty, positivity, and hand-made love into the world.


Meet amelia

So if you're wondering who the literal hand behind the company is, that would be me, Amelia! Hey, thanks for stopping by! In university I studied graphic design, and it was during that time that I quickly developed a passion for typography and hand lettering. After 5 years of working at a design agency, I decided to pursue my passion of hand lettering, and Wink Ink was born. If I had to put a title to it, I would call myself a "creative". I am the calligrapher, designer, and owner of this humble little business. When I'm not making things, I'm likely hanging out with my favourite people, or dreaming of my next travel destination. Most days you can either find me trying out a new recipe with my boyfriend, walking down the streets of my beautiful neighbourhood, meeting a friend for a drink at a local cafe, or let's be honest... snuggling with my cat on the couch.